Welcome to Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho Foundation, a living tribute to the boundless generosity and compassion of Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho. Her legacy lives on through our commitment to nurturing the lives of less privileged children. Mama Julia dedicated her life to providing love, care, and opportunities to those in need. Her spirit continues to guide us as we carry forward her legacy of kindness. Explore how her kindness continues to shape countless lives.

Remembering Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho: A Champion of Kindness


Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho Foundation was born from the boundless love and generosity of Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho, a remarkable soul who opened her heart and home to children in need. Her selflessness and dedication became the guiding light for this foundation.

Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho

Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho lived a life of giving and caring. She gave much of herself to her children and grandchildren, and those she cared about: and she practically cared about everyone, and anyone who is needy, who requires succour. She loved and served God, with all of her being and soul; it is little wonder that she loved people and served them selflessly. She saw no reason to to accept that one could love and be devoted to God, and yet be unconcerned and uncaring towards His creation, His children. That she was successful in the way she lived her life is evident in the quality and character of the children she brought into this world and nurtured, and in the quality and character of the grandchildren that her children are nurturing.

Her favorite Bible verse was Ecclesiastes 7:8, 'Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.' True to this verse, Her kindness bloomed with patience, crafting legacies of boundless love.

Born from a heart brimming with love, Mama Julia opened her doors and her heart to those in need. Her home became a sanctuary, offering shelter, care, and hope to countless children who sought refuge from adversity. Her profound empathy sparked a movement of change, touching lives with nurturing care and unwavering support. Her legacy lives on through the foundation's commitment to continuing her selfless work, embodying the spirit of love, empathy, and empowerment. Though she is no longer with us, her legacy thrives in the smiles of children whose lives she touched. Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho Foundation carries forth her torch, nurturing dreams, fostering growth, and weaving a brighter tomorrow for every child, just as she envisioned.

Join us in honoring her memory and perpetuating the legacy of a truly extraordinary soul whose love knew no bounds.

Mama's Gift to the Church and Community

Mama's legacy endures: from her heart to the community, dignifying lives through education, empowerment, and nurturing the church's vision.

  • All material things that mum owned will go to where her heart was - to the work of God and dignifying the lives of God's people.
  • Mum loved the church and had always desired to plant a church, and in the last few months had expressed her desire to donate 1 acre of her farm in Mundika to the church. This will be done by the Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotso Foundation.
  • In August this year mum and her children spent time planting 3 acres of maize on her farm, all this will be harvested and sent to the Miracle churches in Busia to nourish God's people.
  • There were various works in church which mama had talked to her children about on her last day, which she was eager to go and finish - these will be completed.
  • We cannot accurately estimate the number of children mama quietly schooled - they were many, both from church and at home here. The Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotso Foundation will therefore set up a scholarship and school fees fund to support all these current and other children.
  • Mama fought hard to bring dignity to the lives of women who had been widowed or somehow abandoned by society- she bought them food, seeds for planting and facilitated them to go to church every Sunday. The Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotso Foundation will develop a short term system to continue this noble cause and eventually set up a rescue and empowerment center for them.

Hear from the Community

In this heartfelt tribute, our video testimonial beautifully commemorates the life and legacy of a beloved soul who graced us with kindness, generosity, compassion, and unwavering friendship. Through touching narratives and heartfelt accounts, we honor her profound impact on our lives and community. Join us in celebrating the enduring spirit of this remarkable lady whose legacy of love continues to inspire and uplift. This touching tribute captures the essence of her boundless heart and the lasting imprint of her selfless deeds, ensuring her legacy shines brightly in our hearts and within our foundation's mission.

From humble starts, her kindness raised others to great heights.


Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho Foundation stands as a tribute to the enduring legacy of Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho, a beacon of compassion and generosity. Her unwavering dedication to less privileged children shaped the foundation's very essence. Download Mama Julia's biography to learn more about the matriarch whose ethos inspired the vision of this foundation.


At Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho Foundation, we carry forward Mama Julia's legacy by offering a safe haven and holistic support to underprivileged children. Our vision is a world where every child, regardless of their background, thrives with love, education, and boundless opportunities, nurturing a legacy of enduring kindness and care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor Mama Julia's legacy by providing a safe and nurturing environment for less privileged children. We are dedicated to offering holistic support, including education, healthcare, emotional well-being, and a loving community that fosters growth and empowerment.

Our Vision

Our vision at Mama Julia Maloba Nyarotho Foundation is to create a world where every child, irrespective of their background, has access to love, education, and opportunities for a brighter future. We envision a society where Mama Julia's legacy of kindness and care echoes through generations.


Continuing Mama Julia's legacy, we offer education, healthcare, and shelter/care programs for underprivileged children, embodying her compassionate spirit.

Educational Empowerment

Providing access to quality education, scholarships, and educational resources to empower children for a brighter future.

Health & Well-being

Ensuring essential healthcare services and promoting overall well-being among the children in our care.

Shelter & Love

Creating safe spaces and offering the love and care that Mama Julia bestowed upon the children she welcomed into her home.


Your support is vital, and it extends beyond monetary donations. Volunteer your time and skills—mentor a child, help organize events, or share your expertise. Spread our message, advocate for our cause, and together, let's nurture these children's futures. Get in touch via email and explore how you can contribute beyond financial means.


Reach out! Let's continue the legacy. Your inquiries and ideas fuel our mission of nurturing children's futures with love.


Find us at the heart of care. Discover our nurturing space—a haven where compassion for children thrives, inspired by a remarkable lady's legacy.

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